Transmission Services

Our technicians can service and repair automatic, standard and manual in foreign and domestic vehicles. At Do It Right Transmission, we know and understand how your vehicle's manual or automatic transmission operates. We can diagnose and repair most transmission problems.

We can help you understand how and why you should maintain your transmission. Proper maintenance and repairs is the key to saving yourself a lot of money in the future and helping prolong the life of your vehicle.

We can also work on and repair Allison Transmissions on farm equipment.


If you are experiencing any of the problems below, your transmission may be in need of repair.

  • Do you hear noises including whirring, clicking, clanking, squealing, or grinding?

  • Did your check engine light come on?

  • Have you noticed strange smells around the hood or underbody of the vehicle, especially burnt smells?

  • While you are trying to accelerate your vehicle is it going slower than it should, but the engine is racing?

  • Does your vehicle stall as you press the gas pedal?

  • Does your vehicle shift unexpectedly or do you notice it shifting early or late?

  • Have you noticed fluid stains under or around your vehicle?

  • Have you experienced difficulty moving the shift handle in any position?

  • Have you had problems shifting into reverse but your car doesn’t budge?

  • If you start your car, does the shift indicator is not on (P) or (N) then it’s not working properly?

  • While the car is in drive, is it doesn’t move, even if the engine is racing?


  • Is there is there power when you press the gas pedal?

  • When you first start the vehicle in the morning, does it have difficulty moving or shifting?

  • Does your vehicle move or jerk when in park or neutral?

  • When you’re in icy conditions going downhill, can you use the transmission to slow the car down?

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