At Do It Right, we can fix and diagnose a number of problems, and often help you prevent further problems with little repairs. This is just a few of the more common things we see, we can help you with any engine or transmission problem you may have.



Proper engine repair and maintenance are important parts of vehicle ownership.

  • An item often overlooked by car owners is making sure motor mounts are secure.Symptoms to look for are increased vibration when the vehicle is idling or movement when switching gears.

  • The Timing Belt is also a key component in your engine.The timing belt should be changed every 65,000-100,000 miles, check with the manufacturer for specifics.

  • The Drive Belt is part of your vehicle's engine.It is powered by the engine and drives accessory functions such as air conditioning, power steering, alternator, radiator fan and the water pump.Replace the Drive Belt at the first signs of wear to prevent problems.Stop by our shop for an example of how belts can wear.

  • Oil changes are vital to engine health.Leaks can occur, especially in older vehicles as the result of wear and tear.If you notice an oil leak you should get it checked immediately.



The starter and charging system have many key parts that get and keep your vehicle going. It begins with your battery, which provides power to the starter. Once your vehicle starts, the charging system kicks in to restore the battery's charge.

  • The battery is the vehicle's power source.Determining your battery's health is not always easy.One thing you can do is to have it tested when you get your oil changed.If you notice corrosion on the posts, mix a little baking soda and water to clean them.If you need a new battery, we can help.

  • Battery health is vital to the starter, as are the cables that connect the starter to the battery. Have your starter checked periodically, especially before a long road trip.

  • The alternator generates an electrical current that is necessary for recharging the battery and sending power to the other electrical processes that keep your vehicle going.A few signs that indicate your alternator may be having problems include: air conditioning not working, headlights getting dim, power steering going out and radio not working.To prevent any of these problems, have your alternator checked regularly.



  • Braking is a vital safety factor in a vehicle.Proper maintenance and repair is important.We can help you and your loved ones stay safe on the road.We can replace disk brakes and pads, brake rotors, brake calipers, the brake master cylinder, shoes, wheel cylinders and brake lines.

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